Preferred Courier Services
About Us

Preferred Courier Services has been providing courier and armored vehicle service in Springfield for over 15 years. Our services include pick up, delivery and armored vehicle services for businesses in and around the Springfield area as well as out-of-town businesses within 250 miles of Springfield. We can transport deposits to the bank and deliver coin and currency and inter-office mail/ documents and supplies to all your facilities. Preferred Courier now offers medical specimens and prescription drug delivery. We are fully insured (including cargo) and have a fleet of company owned vehicles as well as a full time maintenance manager on staff. We have an office staff that are available to help with any questions or special business issues and/or needs that may arise. Our team of transportation professionals will plan the best routes to get your delivery to its destination quickly and safely. We are able to tailor our services to handle special needs that your organization may require and we strive to keep your costs as low as possible.

Making over 2600 stops a week, our company is one of the largest courier services in Missouri with customers such as: Great Southern Bank, Empire Bank, Rapid Roberts, Uvanta (prescription drugs), U.S. Government, and Springfield Public Schools just to name a few. Our broad service area includes parts of Kansas, Oklahoma, Arkansas, Missouri and we are willing to expand our service area to adapt to your needs.

Preferred Courier Services
(417) 863-7680 Fax: (417) 863-0672
  635 N. Jefferson Ave
Springfield, Mo 65806

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